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Sean K. - 24

"I got into a bad car accident a few months ago. I didn’t feel pain at first but within two days I could barely move my neck. I had shooting pains down my neck and back and I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I went to the hospital and only got medication, but the pain still continued. I was referred to FirstChoice Wellness by Uncle who goes for routine adjustments with Dr Brandwein for the last 5 years. I met with the Doctor and he was friendly and thorough with me. He went over my treatment plan and the therapy options, Dr. Brandwein suggested what was best for my particular situation. I like that the doctor explained to me everything I was getting done and answered all my questions. I have felt so much improvement in my pain from accident I don’t even need to take any more pain medications! I look forward to my weekly therapy, especially my heat therapy . I will tell anyone to go there if they want actual relief after being in car accident."

Gary N. - 41

"I give Dr Brandwein and his friendly staff 5 stars! I needed a chiropractor that was close by that I could go to get my back alignments. I just moved to the area and needed to find a place that was affordable. I was impressed that I found a Chiropractor who took my insurance! My last Chiropractor only took cash. I explained to the Doctor that I was in an accident a 2 years ago and that I need my back adjusted often because of the work I do in Construction. My back has never been the same since the accident. I started coming to FirstChoice Wellness and felt results the same day. It was a relief I found a Doctor who knew exactly what I wanted done. Dr. Branwein also showed me something I needed and I never knew I would feel so much better. I didn’t realize a lot of my back pain I had, didn’t have to be forever! I thought I would have to live with this pain my whole life. The Doctor didn’t just crack my back and send me on my way. I have an actual treatment plan to treat the pain now! The doctor aligned my back for me and I started on electrotherapy, heat therapy, ultrasound and massage treatment. I been thinking I just needed to get my back adjusted but he explained everything. Now I know why I been dealin with the pain for so long, it wasn’t getting treated! The Doctor made me feel really comfortable and I been coming back ever since."

Brenda W. - 36

"Before my car accident I already had a messed -up neck and back. I needed to get help with the pain and I decided to try a Chiropractor. I am so thankful I found Dr. Brandwein. He was very pleasant and I felt comfortable right away. I explained the issues I was having and he did a thorough initial exam and he explained how he could help. I was having a wide spread of issues and he addressed all my concerns. I was hesitant because I have so many aches and pains but he had a solution to help all my problems. I started doing electrotherapy, and my gosh this was a game changer for me. I was impressed at how the Doctor and his staff cared about my needs and how I was feeling. I had to reschedule my appointment and they didn’t give me a hard time at all. I do my therapy in privacy and feel relaxed at the same time. I was so comfortable I fell asleep when I was getting my massage! I feel like a whole new person since I started coming to FirstChoice Wellness. I felt welcome from start to finish and Dr Brandwein and his staff have changed my life. I finally am getting the help I need not just what the Chiropractor thinks I need. The Doctor makes sure your treatment plan fits you and your needs and makes sure that you’re getting results. When I leave I feel like amazing!! like I left a spa not the Doctors office!"

Heather M. - 27

"If you want to find a Chiropractor that cares about you and your treatment I highly recommend Doctor Brandwein. I had a nasty fall at the restaurant I worked at and started having pain in my shoulders, back and even my hip sometimes felt like it was out of place. I was looking for a Chiropractor that would be able to get me in as soon as possible. The staff made the process very easy and listened to my concerns, I was surprised they told me to come on in the same day. The office was very clean and inviting so I felt at ease straight away. When the Doctor did my examination he advised me that I had some sublaxation and he broke it down to where I understood that I had swollen discs which were causing me a lot of the pain. Dr Brandwein came up with a treatment plan and we began my therapy the same day. It was my first time trying electrotherapy and I felt a lot better after my first visit. When I got to my follow up treatments I been using a machine that helps to decompress all the bones in my body, and heat therapy. The Doctor also requested that I have massage therapy and I been noticing drastic changes in my pain levels. I keep coming back and will continue because I finally found a Doctor that cares about helping my pain. Thank you FirstChoice Wellness for getting me back to feeling normal again!"

Jean P. - 43

"The Doctor at FirstChoice Wellness, Dr Brandwein is a very caring professional. I was involved in a bad accident where I was hit from behind, rear end. My primary DR recommended I see a Chiropractor. I did not know if they would accept my insurance so I call to see about what I can do. They help me through the process and tell me come in to have Doctor examine me. I was happy that the Doctor went over everything and took his time to make sure I understand my treatments. Now I have a treatment plan for the therapies. I have felt great since I start to go to this Chiropractor office. I get a heat therapy and massage therapy. The Doctor starts me on a electrotherapies for my lower back also. I feel so much better now I been seeing Dr Branwein. He helping me have so much more less pain now I can drive again for long period of time. Before, I could not drive my Taxi for work, the pain in my back was too much. I am happy I find Dr Branwein to help me. Now that I seeing FirstChoice for my therapy, I tell all my friends and family he my only choice now!"

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